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Purple Dragon School of Martials Arts

Purple Dragon Point Grey Now Open

Senpai Ioanna Demonstrating Self Defence Techniques

Professor Don Jacob Teaching at an International Seminar

We, at Purple Dragon Point Grey, inspire and train youth & adults from age 4 to 84 in karate/ Don Jitsu Ryu, self-defence, kick-fit boxing, karobics, yoga, fitness & personal training, in a safe, fun and caring family environment.

Belt Changing Ceremony

Wednesday June 15th at 5:30 p.m


Our founder, “Professor Don Jacob is one of the best living martial arts legends and one of the most complete Jiu Jitsu Masters of our time”,

as Professor Wally Jay has said.

“It is not a style, it is a lifestyle!”

The practice and integrity of Don Jitsu Ryu system is a great way to strengthen people’s bodies and minds through exercise and the practice of don jitsu ryu. The confidence to make friends; the discipline to focus at school or work; the courage to break their limitations. The ability to finish positive things that they have started, and to maximize their hidden greatness by believing in themselves.

Purple Dragon Story

Purple Dragon Don Jitsu Ryu System was born in 1970 out of the will and determination of a 16-year old young man, Grand Master Professor Don Anthony Jacob, to bring about positive change in his life and the lives of thousands of other people.

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Our School

Purple Dragon Point Grey was established from Senpai Ioanna’s vision to offer the Don Jitsu Ryu system, created by Professor Don Jacob, in an “all are welcome, safe, fun, family” environment to the Point Grey community.

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  • Congratulations to my students on their Grading success. Your hard work has paid off! So proud of you!