Why Purple Dragon

And much more for every age, gender and ability level. Our martial arts and fitness programs provide a powerful foundation for emotional development and success skills that last a lifetime”

Purple Dragon Don Jitsu Ryu System is one of the most all-inclusive fighting systems in the world today. Amongst others, the student learns katas, self defense techniques, traditional weapons, roll routines and flips, sparring, fitness, and the philosophy of the Don Jitsu System. It is a world renowned and respected martial arts system.

Don Jitsu Ryu is a fighting style that is modern in concept but ancient in character and is governed by a philosophy of determination to overcome many of life’s challenges.

Our diversity of curriculum in addition to Don Jitsu Ryu / karate, includes classes in Traditional Weapons (from green belt and Up), Women’s and Kids Self Defence, Fitness Kick-Boxing, Karobics, Yoga, General Fitness and Private Lessons. The Grand Master himself, Professor Don Jacob conducts all the gradings in all the dojos all over the world twice a year.

Values of our Program

  • Self Control
  • Self Confidence
  • Self Discipline
  • Self Respect
  • Self Defence
  • Improved Academic Performance
  • Physical Fitness
  • Acquisition of Skills of Non-Violent Conflict Resolution
  • Mental Power Enhancement & Focus
  • Weight Loss & Weight Control
  • Being Part of a Safe, Fun and Friendly Family Environment

The participation in martial arts builds strength, character, focus, flexibility and coordination, while enhancing performance in other sports and fitness, in the workplace, at home and in school. Our program further improves self-esteem, goal setting abilities, anger management and the skills of Non-Violent Conflict Resolution in people of all ages, helping them to become more productive and healthy members of our community.