Purple Dragon Story

Remember you have Greatness in You”

Purple Dragon Don Jitsu Ryu System was born in 1970 out of the will and determination of a 16-year old young man, Grand Master Professor Don Anthony Jacob, to bring about positive change in his life and the lives of thousands of other people through the practice of martial arts.

Professor Don Jacob, one of the world’s highest ranking Black Belts – a 9th degree black belt in Don Jitsu Ryu, was born in Trinidad on October 16, 1954 from humble beginnings. He started his martial arts training at the age of nine, as a defense against neighborhood bullies in the suburban ghetto where he went to live with his grandmother. He studied judo under Sensei Clyde Thomas, and later, continued his training in the United States of America in the field of karate under Master Tusui Yoshitaka, and jiu jitsu under Grand Master Doctor Moses Powell. He has studied, demonstrated and taught in many parts of the world with Grand Master Professor Wally Jay.

It is not just a style, but a lifestyle”

Professor Don Jacob’s martial arts career spans over four decades. He is one of the most decorated, sought after and respected martial arts professionals in the world to date. He has received numerous certifications and awards in many parts of the world and won numerous World Martial Arts Championships. He has taught over 35,000 students, visited more than fifty countries, dazzling audiences with his dynamic and deadly self-defense performances.

In 2010, Professor Don Jacob was awarded the Hummingbird Gold Medal, one of his country’s highest and most prestigious national awards for loyal and dedicated service to his community and country. He is the author of several books, including The High Impact Jiu-Jitsu, The Official Manual for Rape Prevention, The Fighting Man’s Bible, The Marketing Warfare of Don Jitsu Ryu, What is Don Jitsu Ryu, This is Don Jitsu Ryu, Act Like a Lady Fight Like a Man and Don Jitsu Ryu Flesh & Bone. The High Impact Jiu-Jitsu has sold over 100,000 copies and is still available today.

We have a duty to teach, but an obligation to learn”

Professor Jacob has competed, performed, taught, demonstrated and lectured on martial arts and self-motivation with great success in numerous countries. In 1977, Professor was the first Trinidadian to perform at Madison Square Gardens at the Oriental World of Self Defense. In 1981, Jujitsu America inducted him into the Black Belt Hall of Fame, and 1986 was the first and only Trinidadian to be mentioned in Al Weiss’ book The Official History of Karate in America – The Golden Ages 1968-1986. In 1981, Professor Jacob was honored by the Canadian Martial Arts magazine Hall of Fame as the “World’s Best Demonstrator”. In 1996, Professor Don Jacob was featured in the book, titled “Black Heroes of the Martial Arts” by Ron Van Clef. In 2008, he was inducted in the “Korushi-Do” Hall of Fame in Atlanta, Georgia and in the same year, he was inducted into the “16th Annual World Head of Family Sokiship Council Hall of Fame”, in San Antonio, Texas.

Excellence is an art won by training and habit”

Professor Jacob has been very vocal about the inappropriate use of the martial arts. He developed the Don Jitsu Ryu system, one of the all-inclusive fighting systems in the world today, to be not just a style, but a lifestyle. All the lessons learned in the “dojos” have practical applications in every day life. He is a great motivational speaker. His message, “You Have Greatness Within You” has been the motivating force for many of his students who have excelled at school, university, work, or who have taken that uncertain step into the world as an entrepreneur. He has worked tirelessly to improve the image people have of the martial arts, and strives to help bring peace, healthy living and good will to all people involved in martial arts. He believes in discipline, integrity and hard work as a means to a successful life. This dedicated teacher has been motivated throughout his martial arts career to assist and help others.

With its World-Headquarters in Trinidad, today there are over 45 branches of Purple Dragon Dojos in 12 countries, inclusive of the United States and Great Britain. In British Columbia there are currently four dojos.