Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Don Jitsu Ryu?

A: Don Jitsu Ryu is a fighting system that is modern in concept but ancient in character and is governed by a philosophy of determination to overcome many of life’s challenges. To learn more about the Don Jitsu Ryu System, click on the “Purple Dragon Story” tab.


Q: Does martial arts promote violence?

A: On the contrary, martial arts are non-violent. The real martial artist does not initiate quarrels but is always prepared to successfully reciprocate to situations that may arise against bullies or life threatening situations.


Q: How long does it take to become a Black Belt?

A: Approximately three years on a proper training program, but it depends on the student and the quality of instructions.


Q: Where can I get my martial arts uniform and training gear?

A: You can buy them from your local Purple Dragon dojo or from another martial arts supplies store, after consultation with your instructor.


Q: If I held a colored rank with my previous martial arts school, and I now want to join Purple Dragon, can I keep the rank from my previous school?

A: Not really, because Don Jitsu Ryu is unique to Purple Dragon and new students must go through the complete orientation process including our ranking system. We grade our students according to our international standards, no one else’s. However if a person has good basics, that may help them to rise a lot faster in our Purple Dragon grading examinations.


Q: When I do my grading examination for my next belt rank, do I have to pay?

A: Yes, just like when you take many academic exams there is a fee, the same goes for your martial arts exam. The grading exam itself is free but students must pay for the processing of certificates, paperwork and computer files.


Q: Should I get a skip from one belt color to the next, do I have to pay the processing fee for my new belt color, or also the one that I skipped?

A: Yes, there is a fee attached for the processing of every belt color. If a student gets a skip to another belt, and they cannot afford to pay the processing fee, they do not have to accept the skip to the higher belt color.


Q: Does Purple Dragon allow its students to have multi-memberships with other schools?

A: We avoid this type of membership as much as possible because we believe that students should know where their loyalty lies, and which system they would prefer to represent if they go to a tournament, or things of that nature.


Q: Can I bring a friend from another karate school to look at the Purple Dragon classes?

A: Yes, if your friend is interested in what we are doing, they may visit one class only.


Q: Are friends and family allowed to sit in the Dojo and wait for me while in class?

A: We have no objection to invited guests waiting quietly in the dojo. However, we expect no distractions such as talking loudly, cell phone ringing, playing music, walking up and down or trying to talk to you while you are on the floor. We would appreciate all observers to respect these guidelines. Please ensure small children are quietly entertained in the waiting area.


Q: What is the most effective form of martial arts?

A: All authentic martial arts styles have great elements of danger or effectiveness. The situation one is placed in and their confidence and ability to react in such a situation will determine the best style for that person.


Q: Who is the best martial artist in the world?

A: There are many good martial artists with different skills and strengths. It is difficult to say for sure, but Prof. Don Jacob is considered to be among the most knowledgeable.


Q: Who can promote a person to the rank of Black Belt?

A: A Purple Dragon martial arts school teacher who is certified and qualified and trained as an official examiner of Don Jitsu Ryu’ system can sit on the examiners panel. They can recommend someone two ranks underneath their present rank. However, the RENCHI HEAD MASTER can vote for one rank underneath their rank.