January 2017

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Why Martial Arts?

”When someone asks me if martial arts is the right thing for them and/or their kids, I always answer with a resounding YES, because I have seen and personally felt its benefits in my life and witnessed the positive changes in others. That is why my kids are in it because I want them to have that Discipline, Self-Confidence, Focus, Drive and Good Health that is needed for a happy life. Professor has taught us that a HEALTHY MIND deserves a HEALTHY BODY.”

Sensei Arnold King

I could not agree more with Sensei Arnold! These are the reasons why my children are in martial arts as well.

If you are willing to invest the time and energy in studying martial arts, you will be well-rewarded beyond just self defense. Its effects are so vast; they relate to skills and attributes such as consciousness, perception, focus, attention, problem solving and pattern recognition.

Martial arts training does a lot more to your kids than just teaching them self defense. It provides them with a toolbox full of skills they can use anywhere they go for the rest of their lives.

  • It instills Confidence. It gives children a confidence boost to know that they can defend themselves should the need arise. In fact, confident children are seen as strong individuals, and are much less likely to become victims of any kind of violence, inclusive of bullying.
  • It enhances Mental Awareness. Proper practice of martial arts requires unbreakable focus and concentration, and that is what children learn at the dojo. This spills out to other aspects of their lives, at school, at home or at the playground. It helps them not to get caught off-guard and recognize dangerous situations.
  • It builds inner & outer Strength. They develop determination and a non-quitting spirit. In martial arts, many parts of the body have to work in unison, therefore it helps coordination, and conditions physical strength. Regular practice improves stamina and strength and, thus, helps in all other sports as well.
  • It empowers them with Self-Defense skills. We must always remember that martial arts is only ten percent fighting and ninety percent mental and spiritual. The ability to handle a number of tough situations while keeping a calm, mental state is an extremely important trait for recognizing trouble before it happens.